We moved to a new location 444 N. Michigan Ave. Ste. 1470 Chicago Illinois 60611 to better serve your passport photo and notary needs.

More than just the Bottom Line.

Checks & Balances Accountants offer Tax Planning and Preparation for your Business or Personal Financial Needs.

Checks & Balances is a Chicago-based accounting firm serving businesses in the Chicago Loop since 1988*. We are a service-oriented company that will work with you through the entire accounting process.

Checks & Balances provides simple but vital tools for you in planning and operating your business venture. We teach you to fully utilize your Financial Reports and advise you on Tax Laws which effect your business. Our Certified Professional Accountants will furnish you with a monthly statement providing information that is necessary to manage and operate an efficient business.

Sound Simple?

It can be!

But, Ignoring even a small area of your business accounting can mean lost profits and/or lowered productivity. That's why Checks & Balances is so important. Checks & Balances helps businesses help themselves.
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Checks and Balances
444 N. Michigan Ave. Ste. 1470 Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: (312) 329-9244 Website: balance-me.com
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